Ian Flynn Teases Non-Game Sonic Superstars Project

IDW Sonic comic author and Sonic Frontiers story writer Ian Flynn has teased his involvement around the recently-announced Sonic Superstars. But, he’s not working on the game itself.

Writing on his personal social media channel, Flynn hinted that an associated project related to Sonic Superstars is in the works.

“For those asking: no I’m not involved with the game [Sonic Superstars],” the writer explained. “Nope. Not the game.” He added his trademark “Knowing Smile” phrase that suggests that something is going down.

What do you think it could be? Flynn has been involved in some game tie-in comics and other media in the past, most recently for Sonic Frontiers’ prologue comics. Maybe we will see a similar one-shot arrive ahead of Superstars’ launch?

Time will tell – but for now let’s have fun speculating!

via Twitter

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