Sonic Adventure 2 Confirmed For XBox Live Marketplace and PSN

A few weeks back we reported on several Sonic Adventure 2 items scheduled for release on the XBox Live Marketplace and a Harmonix list of future releases, both hinting at the release of the second Sonic Adventure title for download. We can now confirm that Sonic Adventure 2 will be hitting XBLA in the near future, with the game having now been listed on the Marketplace website [EDIT: Link is now dead – T].

From the details given, it looks likely that this HD version of the game will be the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle release with the listing of a “1-2 players” feature (with Chao Karate featured and the XBLA Sonic Adventure being the DX release), along with downloadable content likely to be composed of the avatar items reported earlier this month.

The current scheduled release date is the 3rd of October 2012.

At the moment there are no details as to the cost of this download – we will keep you updated as further infor becomes available.

EDIT: Thanks to Damnhedge’s eagle eyes, he’s spotted a tell-tale hint this will also be making it’s way to the PSN!

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