Sonic Adventure 2 Confirmed For XBox Live Marketplace and PSN

A few weeks back we reported on several Sonic Adventure 2 items scheduled for release on the XBox Live Marketplace and a Harmonix list of future releases, both hinting at the release of the second Sonic Adventure title for download. We can now confirm that Sonic Adventure 2 will be hitting XBLA in the near future, with the game having now been listed on the Marketplace website [EDIT: Link is now dead – T].

From the details given, it looks likely that this HD version of the game will be the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle release with the listing of a “1-2 players” feature (with Chao Karate featured and the XBLA Sonic Adventure being the DX release), along with downloadable content likely to be composed of the avatar items reported earlier this month.

The current scheduled release date is the 3rd of October 2012.

At the moment there are no details as to the cost of this download – we will keep you updated as further infor becomes available.

EDIT: Thanks to Damnhedge’s eagle eyes, he’s spotted a tell-tale hint this will also be making it’s way to the PSN!

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  1. yeah you can also confirm a PSN release as in one of the screenshots you see a circle with brake

  2. SA2 on DC was 2-player too y’kno…

    Regardless, yes, this will be SA2 Battle, as Chao Karate is a confirmed game mode.

      1. Then again, they may well do an SADX again and release “Sonic Adventure 2” (actually SA2B with the Battle stuff taken out) with a “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle” DLC purchase.

        Wonderful world we live in…

        Then again, probably not, considering the actual changes made to Chao emblems in Battle.

  3. YES!!
    Wait. *multiplayer confirmed*

    1. Holy moly!!!! I never knew words could stretch so far they are out of the commenting box.

  4. I’m so happy!!! I’ve been waiting for sooooooo lonnngggg now!!!! And I hope there’s going to be a sonic generations DLC soon!!!!

  5. Please, for the love of god, let there be a PSVITA release. A portable Sonic title of this quality would be immense!

    1. the vita does not deserve two sonic titles (Transformed, Adventure 2)

      it deserves THREE instead! (Transformed, Adventure ONE AND TWO)

      1. I wonder if it is possible for a Vita card to hold both Adventures in a compilation of the two? (Or both adventures and heroes, since they are all from the same era)

        That would be my favorite Vita game!

  6. …no PC?

    Regardless, this is awesome news. I hope it’s a quality port, it looks pretty good graphically. I also hope they moderate the leaderboards, although looking at the past, that might be asking too much.

    1. I’d guess a PC version is likely – they’ve been quite happy about releasing PC versions of all the major multiplatform Sonic titles and HD-rereleases so far, I can’t see why this would be an exception. If it’s not on Steam registry at the moment, I wouldn’t panic – seeing as the info was taken off PSN/XBLA, it looks like this reveal was accidental and the game might not be in Steam’s systems yet.

  7. *parties like a chipmunk on steroids and COFFEE!!!! (see what i did there? meh, only ravencrow89 viewers understand that)*

    i need a change in undies, I MADE A HUGE MESS IN MY UNDIES!!!!

  8. Has anyone checked the Steam Registry just in case? I would but I’m away from the PC.

  9. As long as there’s some sort of widescreen functionality and the majority of chao breeds aren’t completely missing, I’ll be happy.

    1. Either they broke the news too early (AGAIN; Major Nelson did the same thing) or they caught that screenshot with the PlayStation circle button icon.

  10. You know what I’d love? Switching characters. (Shadow in Sonic stages, vice versa).

  11. On another website that mentioned this news I saw a comment that said the game was rated E10+ before the xbox page was taken down. What changes could have been made to the game to change the rating? Well that is if it is true.

  12. oh snap, if this has online, it will be complete! we should check the steam registry. I would do it myself, but I dunno how

  13. This is great news, but I’m waiting to see what they add, just hd isn’t enough for me since with the dolphin emulator i can run at higher resolutions.

      1. Eh, they’ve already re-released the must-plays for Dreamcast – Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Code Veronica, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online, Samba De Amigo..

        What they need to do is continue working on Saturn remakes .. We got Guardian Heroes and that NiGHTs sequel.. how about Burning Rangers, Shining Force 3 (I didnt care for it, but people loved it) Clockwork Knight or Dragon Force!

  14. I’m too bored of SA2 to even care honestly, but this sounds good for people who want to keep playing.
    Now SEGA, release it on Steam so we can mod it like no ones business, please.

  15. By DLC, I think it means that there will be those avatars and the BATTLE add-on that gives you basically the GC version.

  16. Hey, the North American iTunes store has all Sonic games on sale right now, including Sonic 4: Episode I (iPhone version) for only $0.99.

  17. Oh…. YES! HELL YES! This just makes me tingle all over… I wonder if they’ll give out a free PS3 theme like they did with Sonic Adventure… I still have it today and I love it.

  18. Instant buy. I’ve been waiting for this, and now to finally know it’s coming feels fantastic.

    I can’t wait to see lovely SA2 trophies listed on my Trophy list.

  19. Y’know, I would laugh SO much if part of the HD-fication was updating the voices with the new VAs!

    1. I wouldn’t be able to laugh… just would feel pointless… I’d facepalm. lol Hopefully they do something really awesome with their ability to make … whatever… HD..

  20. Now that I look at it, that image does look pretty wide to me. Perhaps Sega has learned their lesson about borders that flash brightly whenever something changes on-screen.

  21. This is my favorite game of all time. It makes me sad that it’s just a port of the inferior version (I prefer the Dreamcast version’s detail), but if it’s multiplayer has ONLINE.. instant buy from day 1 for me.

  22. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! *BISON YES FACE*

  23. Has there always been little sparkle things in Sonics name in the SA2 logo? I just now noticed them

  24. Well, since I can’t comment over on the forums because I got banned (suspended, whatever) for simply joking in a status update, I suppose I’ll comment here. Looks like the great SSMB I used to go to is no more for me…and to be suspended on my birthday is downright sickening.

    Anyways, if it does come to Steam, I wonder if this will open up better modding possibilities as with Sonic Generations…

  25. Just went on the Xbox live marketplace and noticed on the sales and specials tab they used the sonic adventure 2 sonic pose, a small sign maybe.

  26. it would be great if this had a Vita release as well since jet grind radio is getting one. SAB2 is probably my favourite 3D sonic game having it portable would be insane

  27. I’ve been checking this site since E3 for this news!
    About time aswell! But October 3rd, really? :'(

  28. Could they try releasing it in September? My birthdays in September and I really want to play SA2. Maybe they’ll officially confirm it on Saturday?

  29. SEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JUST TAKE MY MONNEY ALREADY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. It’s got even more proof towards it coming out, on the main xbox page, it has Sonic’s art from the SA2 cover for the sales and deals thing, so it’s gotta be comming out

  31. ….and then if you go to the sales and deals, it shows the cover art IN the sales area. I think it was supposed to be out this week

  32. YAY! Now I can start a whole new chao family! Breeding for every single shiny two tones and all the other special breeds! And for those who were asking, yes, you can get a jewel(silver) chao in SA2 itself.

  33. The proplem why the link is dead because Xbox live and Sony are busy recerating it and why it’s not showing because it’s gonna take 3 to 4 mins to get it back

  34. Yes cant wait, i wonder if they’ll make it so that you can play multiplayer with other people on xbox live/psn that would be awesome.

  35. Oh god, they haven’t truly fixed Adventure 2 being shown in the arcade. It shows Adventure 2’s Dreamcast cover for the DX Upgrade in the Summer Deals thing.

  36. im going to be stonin nd playing this game all day long watchu know about that pumpkin hill track though?

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