New Sonic 2 Movie Playset Leaked (Potentially Movie Spoilers Within)

UPDATE: The box art had a rather significant spoiler I missed. Also, Sonic Jenny said Jakks Pacific asked her to remove the images. Given those two things, we’re just going to go ahead and remove the images pre-emptively. We’re currently leaving details regarding what the playset is about, however.

Original Story:

The Sonic 2 movie is now just a month away, and more merchandise has just gotten leaked. Today? A playset centered around the Giant Eggman Robot we first saw in a trailer.

We put up a spoiler warning because the playset potentially hints at something regarding where Sonic will be fighting the robot.

This playset is likely a part of the Jakks Pacific wave 2 that was revealed a few days ago.

These images were posted on Twitter by @SonicJenny, who said it was shared on her Discord server.

via Twitter

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