New and Known Sonic Toys from Jakks Pacific at SDCC 2022

Site writer Shigs live tweeted the Jakks Pacific panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and while there isn’t a whole lot we haven’t seen through retailer leaks and prior reveals, consider this a round up of what they’ll be offering this year, and where they might be exclusive to.

These Funko Pop masks won’t hit Walmart until November, but I think we can agree that they’re truly frightening at any time of the year. They’re listed as “half mask,” so expect business in the front, and absolutely no party in the back.

This Fall will feature several new “Deluxe” costumes for Sonic 2’s Knuckles, Tails, and Dr. Robotnik, and hey, even Baby Sonic! Your entire face is their muzzle for the true 4-eye effect! Dual-tails have been attached to the full back of the costume to prevent accidental flight.

The Egg Mobile battle set was previously revealed during the most recent Sonic Central presentation. The set includes accessories to transform into a variety of boss vehicles from Sonic 1 and 2, from the classic ball-and-chain from Green Hill, to the double-drill machine from Mystic Cave.

Exclusive to Target will be this Flying Battery Zone playset, featuring spinning propellers, rotating flames, a sprite art Technosqueek, and two, TWO spike traps! Can you push those spikes for secrets? Who’s to say! Expect the set this Fall.

Jakks did highlight a few items that are currently available, such as their 6″ solar-powered Sonic figure with tapping toe and moving eyelids. But at least we get to enjoy a big MS Word explosion star shape with tiny lettering. And that’s worth something, right?

They also showed off their Modern Sonic Collectors Edition figure with a Tropical Resort base (6″ tall, to go alongside their Classic Sonic Collectors Edition figure on a Studiopolis base). Like his classic counterpart, Modern Sonic comes with a number of facial expressions, hands, and a Cyan Wisp buddy to complete the scene. The figure is currently… available, but is also out of stock at most online retailers.

Finally, Jakks wrapped up with their small figure sets. The next wave of 2.5″ figures includes modern Tails and Shadow, and classic Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman. At 4″ are an additional wave of Sonic 2 movie figures of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Super Sonic with accessories, and a Walmart exclusive Skateboard Sonic with additional articulation and thick black lines to imitate a hand drawn style.

We’ll continue to cover any major SDCC news through the convention, but be sure to follow us on Twitter for immediate updates! And of course big thanks to Shigs for his live reporting from the convention.

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