Superhero Vector Protects Vanilla in May 2023’s Sonic Channel Calendar Artwork

Sonic Channel has published its latest Calendar Artwork for May 2023, and the results of its fan poll from earlier this month have been realised! The latest in its ‘fantasy scenario’ art series, this new piece features Vector as a superhero protecting Vanilla the Rabbit (presented as a theatre-going contemporary damsel in distress) from certain robot doom.

According to the Sonic Channel blog accompanying this artwork (via machine translation), “This month [we have] Vector, looking like an American comic book hero, and Vanilla, looking a bit more adult [sophisticated]! What is the mysterious giant robot looming far beyond the city at night?”

The interesting mashup is the latest in the Sonic Channel social media team’s ‘Isekai Ohgiri’ series, which places well-known characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series in unconventional situations and scenarios. Previously, we’ve had Shadow and Infinite doing battle as idol singers, Amy and Blaze seeking truth in some celestial powers, Tikal and Chaos running a pizza parlour and Silver and Elise stunning the crowd as ice-skating performers.

You can download this latest May 2023 Calendar art, as well as all previous months in this series, on Sonic Channel’s website.

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