Watch Jay Paint His Sonic Room

Couldn't get one of you dancing Jay, sorry.
Couldn't get one of you dancing Jay, sorry.

Those of you with nothing better to watch on TV tonight (let’s face it, it’s all pretty crap this year) can do worse than watch some live Internet TV, courtesy of our video brethren The Sonic Show. The event? Jay (aka DiscoPonies) is painting his room, all Sonical like. You can even comment on the uStream page that it resides on and try and convince him not to draw a huge penis on that Buzzbomber he’s already painted up there.

Seriously, as I write this progress is pretty good in Jay’s room – the characters are starting to look really awesome in white outlines. Hm. I’m starting to think that we’ve hit Big Brother territory for some reason, what with writing about what someone’s doing in their own house and all. But hey, Jay’s publicising himself, he’s asking for the attention!

Watch the painting – complete with more dancing and gurning, no doubt – here.

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