F4F Polling Interest in a Sally Acorn Statue UPDATE: Final Results In

UPDATE: The poll is closed, and the results are in:

The poll received a total of 1047 votes, the most one of these polls have gotten in years. Of those, 800 were yes, which is also the highest amount any character has gotten in years. That means yes won with 76.4% of the vote, placing her in the top 12 of all time, just ahead of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy.

So what happens next? Who knows. As we said in the original article, there is no guarantee a Sally statue will get made, even with really good numbers. Chief among them, even if F4F decides it wants to make a statue, SEGA itself still needs to say yes.

Looking at previous polling winners, like NiGHTS into Dreams’ Reala, it will likely be years before a statue is available, if one even gets made.

Original story below:

More than five years since she last appeared in the Sonic comics, Princess Sally Acorn may finally have a shot at a new piece of merchandise via high-end collectibles maker First4Figures. F4F is currently running a poll asking its community whether or not they would pre-order a Sally Acorn statue. This is a weekly poll called “Thursday Temptations,” wherein F4F tests community interest in various characters. While the results of a poll do not guarantee the creation of a statue, F4F will at least explore doing something with the character if the numbers are strong enough.

As of this writing, the yeses are winning with 73% of the vote, 578 to 217. While those may seem like small numbers, that’s actually the most votes any character has gotten in this poll in years. The poll is set to run through Wednesday, though participants will need to join F4F’s Facebook community in order to vote.

There’s more to this than simply convincing F4F to make a Sally statue. According to Ian Flynn, who has long been boosting efforts to bring the character (and the other Freedom Fighters) back into the Sonic franchise, getting a statue would also simply be “big” for the character.

If you would pre-order a Sally Acorn statue, you can vote for the character here. We’ll update this post with the final results on Thursday.

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  1. Yeah no thanks. I’m okay leaving my childhood in the past. They should focus on female characters from the modern era, like Amy, Rouge, Blaze, etc. I would consider Sally to be too niche, and divisive.

  2. Awesome! I’m so excited to see F4F force Sally fans who didn’t have ANY figures but only incredibly rare and pricy plushes to buy this statue for what is a fifth of a really good salary!

    1. They aren’t -making- the statue. This is one of their many weekly polls to assess interest. After which, they’d have to figure out viability, licensing, everything like that. Honestly, there’s two big hurdles here: 1. Sega may just say no, and 2. they may understand that this is a small but very dedicated subset of fans that may not accurately represent the possible sales of a figure like this.

  3. Good luck to everyone interested in this, but I just don’t see Sega giving this the green light even if it’s wildly popular.

  4. This would be pretty awesome if this came to fruition. SatAM’s a bit niche, but I think it’s often understated how big her presence was in the Western branch of the Sonic series in the 90’s. I hope this gains traction.

  5. Sally and the FF have been around just as long, if not longer than most of the other female characters

    But who would you even approach to get permission? If its up to SEGA and they say okay, that paves the way for her to show up in other media

    1. It may not be probable (which we could easily make peace with), but Sally showing up in Sonic Prime would be way past cool.

  6. The nixing of the Freedom Fighters from Sonic canon is one of the biggest mistakes i’ve seen in the history of Sonic. I know it comes down to personal preference, but I honestly think that most post Sonic Adventure characters are very poor compared to the Freedom Fighters.

    I’d gladly have Sally, Antoine etc as canon compared to say Jet the Hawk or Blaze or even Shadow (sorry, I simply don’t like them). Hell, AoStH has better characters!

    It’s a sign of my age, but I find it bizarre that new IDW characters seem more ‘official’. Just bizarre.

    1. I mean, if you make the comic/SATAM universe canon, you’d have two issues: 1. you’d just have characters you like, but with all the quality of writing that the games have, which if you don’t like Sega’s current long-standing non-committal character and worldbuilding, giving them a prefab won’t solve the core issues there. And 2. those characters only really have anything approaching a meaningful presence in the U.S., which becomes a big problem when you consider the rather famous infighting between Sega of America and Sega of Japan in the mid-to-late 90s.

      I just see the current state of things as a consequence of Sonic having a fractured identity from his very beginning, with wildly different visions of him among the games, Japanese comics, UK comics, French comics, American comics, the three entirely disconnected DIC cartoons– If they want to tell a world-spanning story, and they seem to want to periodically, then they have to figure out what that world is, and those characters’ places in it. They’re improving in certain ways, but not consistently, and definitely not in alignment with what a broader gaming audience has come to expect.

      1. Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. I appreciate that there’s a need to have a unified consistency; it’s just a shame that the unified consistency means very little to me as a fan. It’s a personal thing, alas.

        Fair play if it means more to you. I tried and I just couldn’t gel with anyone. I’ll always have the story and the lore; just wish it was treated with a bit more respect than pretending it no longer exists.

  7. “Ian Flynn wanting to bring Sally and the FF back, but I thought he wanted to kill them and erase them from history. those twitter people told me so..” – says some brain rotted dunce.

    regardless, I’m happy to see some interest. while I have no personal attachment to the American made sonic cannon, and the likely hood of anything being made is rather low, it would be neat to see some characters get a resurgence and capitalize on a niche market.

    and it would be only a stepping stone to the true goal……
    making a Cosmo figurine >:3
    (if SatAm fans get to do wishful thinking then so can I)

  8. Many of the older Sonic fans started with Sonic SatAM.

    If Sonic were like Star Trek. Then Sonic would be Kirk and Sally would be Spock. I find it hard to imagine one without the other.

    Whether it’s Sega or Ian Flynn that wants to people to forget, the fans won’t.

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