Break Out Your Tapes, Sonic 1 Just Hit the Commodore 64!


If you weren’t playing games on consoles in the 80s, you were playing them on specialty computers: the ZX Spectrum, the Macintosh II, the Amstrad, and, of course, the good ol’ Commodore 64. I didn’t play any of them, I got an NES at age 5 and never looked back, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a true work of art when I see one.

Yesterday, Mr. SID, a Commodore 64 coder, released a complete remake of 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog for C64, and it is currently available to download via The C-64 Scene Database.

Yes, it’s a bit more awkward to control, and the bright Master System colors had to take a hit, and it has loading screens because the C64 ran on disks and tapes, but it doesn’t feel like there were any corners cut. It has everything you’d expect from the originals, from the stages to the special stages to the emeralds.

People poked fun of my salty response to Sonic 1 appearing on Tesla, but that’s because there’s only one true way to play Sonic: off of a dying CRT monitor while gripping an Atari-style joystick. So if you’re looking to drag out an ancient keyboard, or just learn how to make an emulator act like it has 256k or RAM, why not spend some time with a classic made even more classic.

Source: CommodoreBlog Twitter

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