We’re In Love With This New ‘Japanese Style’ Sonic Range – Now Available at SEGA Shop UK

If there’s one thing we love more than Sonic himself, it’s official Sonic-themed merchandise. Especially if it’s the kind of merchandise that gets really creative with the brand and goes above and beyond just slapping some key art on a t-shirt. That’s why we’ve been in love with SEGA Shop UK’s officially-licensed goods for such a long time – their latest line of goods is available now and further proof of their creativity, with a ‘Japanese Style’ themed range hitting just in time for Sonic’s 30th anniversary! Let’s take a look.

The big show-stopper of the Japanese Style line is this grey and black hoodie that features the classic Sonic logo on the front and a fantastic emblem featuring the blue blur on the back. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese design, but uses elements of Green Hill Zone and Chaos Emeralds to give it a particularly speedy edge.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style Varsity Hoodie

Next, one of our favourite things – T-shirts! And for this seasonal range, SEGA Shop is offering two different designs – one featuring Dr. Eggman in black, and another in white that sports Sonic and more Green Hill Zone goodness. If you have little ones that would love these shirts, you can pre-order kids’ sizes as well as order a set for yourself.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style ‘Dr Eggman’ Black T-Shirt (Adult)
Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style ‘Dr Eggman’ Black T-Shirt (Kids – Pre-order)

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style White T-Shirt (Adult)
Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style White T-Shirt (Kids – Pre-order)

For those that love the look of the hoodie design, you can also nab it in poster form for a fraction of the price. Frame it, stick it on your wall, have a cup of tea, step back and admire the coolness within.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style Poster

Now this is a rather novel idea! You can buy a can of drink with Sonic’s face on it… but it’s a can you can re-use! The flip-up can-like tab allows you to refill and wander around with your favourite drink in hand – it even comes with its own built-in straw. A pretty solid buy if you want to help the environment and look cool while doing it.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style Drinkware Can

We’re a sucker for a good mug, and we absolutely adore this one! A special heat-changing mug that slowly reveals the Green Hill landscape when you pour your next cup of tea – that’s a winner in our book.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style Heat Changing Mug

As with most other SEGA Shop UK ranges, this Japanese Style set comes with a unique pin badge set that you can collect as well. These badges feature Sonic but also Tails, with his own unique Japanese-inspired emblem design. Rounding off the selection is a pair of themed socks and a messenger bag that has been on sale before but has likely been included because of the Japanese Katakana that is featured on the side. Still, never too late to get yourself one.

Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style Pin Badge Set
Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Style White and Black Socks
Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese Logo Messenger Bag

All in all, it’s a lovely little range, and we’re sure most of you are as eager to get your hands on some of this stuff as we are! This range is available on SEGA Shop UK as well as SEGA Shop Europe – for European fans, you can hit this link to reach the relevant pages for the above items.

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