Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 76: The Year of Luigi of Sonic

This episode: Sonic on Series S, and Ian Flynn’s 15th Anniversary

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The Great Podcast Catch-Up pushes towards the finish with this episode from March 2021!

Shigs puts his Xbox Series S through its paces with a bunch of backwards compatible Sonic games, and walks away quite impressed! Nuckles attempts to be the last surviving Mario with Mario 35, and GX roguelikes his way into the lighthearted Dicey Dungeon.

News this month was headlined by the start of filming for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, classic Sonic cartoons hitting Paramount Plus, and most importantly, the announcement of Sonic Prime. We wrap things up with a hearty heap of Ian Flynn talk as he hits 15 years working on Sonic comics.

  • 00:45 Intro
What we’ve been playing:
  • 04:16 Super Mario 35
  • 11:44 Dicey Dungeon
  • 19:37 Sonic on Xbox Series S
Sonic News:
  • 27:38 Sonic 2 movie starts filming
  • 31:24 IDW Sonic Anniversary comic and upcoming arcs
  • 36:27 Sega teases upcoming announcements
  • 40:43 Sonic: The Card Game announced
  • 46:22 Team Sonic Racing arrives on Luna
  • 78:43 Sonic now streaming on Paramount Plus
  • 51:34 Sonic Prime crew announced
  • 56:29 Next SAGE and Sonic Hacking Contest announced
Comic Talk:
  • 57:23 Ian Flynn’s 15th anniversary writing Sonic

Peace, all, and until next episode!

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