New Famitsu Scans Clarify Tails as Support Character in Sonic Colors Ultimate

Our fox friend is sidelined but not grounded.

Many (myself included) hoped that the Tails “Life” icon in early Famitsu screens indicated that Tails would be playable. While scans of the latest Famitsu broke our hearts in clarifying that Tails will only play a support role, his actual function does give a pretty nice quality-of-life boost to the title!

By collecting Tails tokens, he’ll airlift Sonic back onto the stage when Sonic inevitably falls off. Sure, it’s a shame we don’t get to play as our favorite biological helicopter, but in a game that emphasizes keeping pace, the little bits of support certainly help. Me specifically. When I repeatedly run him off the edge. Mostly on accident, but sometimes just to see my good pal.

Even without playable Tails, Sonic Colors Ultimate still promises new content to fresh and returning players, including control refinements, character costumes, a new Wisp power, Rival Rush battles against Metal Sonic, and lest we forget, a set of companion animated shorts.

Thanks to our ever vigilant Discord News Tips contributor Bulbasquirtle for catching this detail!

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  1. Why is Iizuka so piss-scared of a playable Tails?

    One less game to spend my money on. And I was already in the process of revising Sonic Colors, so this so-called “Ultimate” game doesn’t mean jack to me.

    1. Iizuka is probably overseeing this game to a point, but this isn’t a Sonic Team port. Let’s not forget that Tails wasn’t originally in the game, so that would be significant new content, and we only latched onto the possibility because we had incomplete information.

    2. Don’t get upset just because you assumed with no logic or evidence that a certain feature would be implemented. Iizuka never said anything about not wanting Tails to be playable, would you rather Tails not be involved in Sonic Colors at all? You jumped the gun with the Tails scans and assumed Tails would be playable, that sounds like a YOU problem. And again, this is a REMASTER, not a REMAKE, having Tails in a support role is already a nice addition that wasn’t in the original game. I think it’s safe to say that Mario 3D Allstars is a waste of money because Nintendo didn’t bother making Luigi playable in Mario 64.

  2. In all my years of being a Tails stan, not once have I read, heard, or thought “biological helicopter”… yet here we are.

    Sad to hear that he won’t be playable but I think tokens to save from death falls are a great way to use his talents.

  3. hopefully a future issue will have details on Metal Sonic, which track we race on, if theres unique music for it, is there a hub world icon for him, does he impact the story and so on.

  4. At least this isn’t locked behind an amiibo, unlike a certain other Wii game coming to the Switch this year.

  5. There are surely a lot more added content than that. I think you are expecting way too much. In case you missed it- this is a REMASTER…not a REMAKE. A remaster doesn’t build from the ground up, a remake does.

    1. So what does this mean years down the line when a developer outside of SEGA decides they want to re-imagine Sonic Colors:
      -Playable Tails (complete with his own Wisp abilities)
      -A complete overhaul of the game’s insulting script.
      -Incorporating other Sonic characters from the DS version into the main plot’s cutscenes.
      -Adding the Burst and Void Wisps from the DS version.
      -Adding the Nega Mother Wisp boss battle

      Are we locked out of such an idea, because this port exist, which has the audacity to call itself the “ultimate version”, when there are better ideas that can be implemented? Even Archie’s brief reference to their version of Colors (involving Silver) in Issue 252 is more “Ultimate” than this.

  6. is that the best they have…because im not payining them 30 quid for the same game on with small updates its bad enough sega just wont do a completion of games that are and will be getting rarer to find like sonic heroes and sonic adventure 1 and 2 or he game boy advance games but this is annoying

  7. You would have to not only be terrible at Sonic games but terrible at platforming games in general if you fall in Colors. Whoever came up with this feature had their heart in the right place but this is not the game for it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sonic skin is Metal Sonic since that’s been done to death before and Sega loves their retro callbacks. Plus, the model is already in-game so it would be a wasted opportunity, then again Sega loves those too.

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