Sonic Colors: Ultimate Producer Explains Player Customization and Tails Save

Today, Shacknews posted a video interview with Aaron Roseman, producer of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, revealing a bit about the porting process and revealing several small details that differentiate Ultimate from the original Wii release.

Roseman notes that the Tails Save system does replace the lives system in the game. You still collect Tails Saves in the same way you collect lives, but it places you in your last safe location rather than a the beginning of a stage or mid-stage checkpoint. Another slight aid is the addition of the “Hundred Ring,” a special item that gives the player 100 rings and invincibility.

The interview also highlights the character customization elements new to this version of the game. Through gameplay, players will be able to unlock options for shoes, gloves, effect trails when Sonic boosts, and auras that surround Sonic. “You can adjust the colors in a game called Sonic Colors,” the interviewer notes.

Other details in the interview:

  • The game is standard controller focused. It will not use motion controls.
  • Cutscene videos have been updated for HD and 4K resolutions.
  • The game does not use all the technical features of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but Roseman states it runs very well on both consoles.
  • This game was primarily developed during Covid quarantine, with staff working from home.
  • Roseman has an impressive NES collection on the shelves behind him. I’m jealous.

Shacknews also secured a full stage playthrough of Tropical Resort Act 3:

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  1. “This game was primarily developed during Covid quarantine, with staff working from home.”


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