Concept art shows first images from Sonic Prime

From Patrick Horan’s Artstation page comes the first-ever images of Netflix’s Sonic Prime. Patrick was a concept artist on the series. “I was responsible for cleaning up the layouts and color.”

From what we can see from the images below, Sonic’s design adds new gloves and some funky, red shoes. Looks like Sonic will be dealing with a large group (a carton?) of Eggmen, a cavewoman Amy, and a kitsune Tails. Check out the other images below.

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  1. Oook…not a big fan of what I am seeing here…savage Amy? Eggman’s family? And…HOW many Tails does he have now?


    1. I’m pretty sure the premise is Sonic going to various different demensions. So it’s not Eggman’s family it’s just alternate universe versions of him. Same goes for Amy and Tails, these are just different worlds where they ended up different. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the multi-tailed Tails, is supposed to be older.

    2. I mean, the whole premise of this show from the beginning has been multiversal in nature. If it’s just Sonic encountering these weird varients in different universes, it’s already loads better than Sonic Boom in that regard…and Boom was still genuinely funny at times.

  2. Yeeeah I really don’t see the appeal of Fortnite dances and all the neccecity of adding them into other media. I mean it possibly doesn’t even add anything to the story. It isn’t final product sure, but this was one of reasons why I had concerns about Man of Action at first sight.

  3. Those are some swanky shoes. I like how those lights in the last picture are literally SatAM Robotnik’s torso, that’s a nice touch.

    I like the look overall, it’s different. Boom altered everyone’s looks and that show turned out awesome, so my interest is piqued. Plus I think the premise is dimension-hopping shenanigans, so I think they can toss a lot of rules n’at out the window?

  4. Too many changes, not sure how I feel about it, on one hand it looks a lot better than MM Fully Charged, but I was really hoping for some storytelling with the regular Sonic cast and not a bizarre twist on them like Boom did.

    They should have at least kept Sonic’s design as vanilla as possible, in the games whenever the shoes get a redesign it always reflects a gimmick or ability in the game then it’s gone by the next game; this just looks like a pointless, “hip” redesign.

    Why can’t they just do something like the comics have been doing for decades? I highly doubt the younger fans that are now getting into the series will appreciate the redesign.

    That said, if the writing is competent I will definitely try to enjoy it for what it is.

    1. Those aren’t the actual characters, they’re just other dimensional counterparts

    2. I don’t really see any major redesign on Sonic other than the gloves and shoes, which one can presume are for the alternate dimension travels (I personally like the shoes’ look myself, they give me a SA2 vibe).

      Of course tbf I shouldn’t be too calm, as this is just concept art and doesn’t 100% reflect what we’re going to get in the final product.

      1. Oh, were you responding to AlienX’s comment? Sorry if that was it, I thought you meant Sonic’s gloves and shoes.

  5. Atleast they are using Modern design for Sonic (bye bye blue colored arms lol) so thats good.

    I guess Jungle Amy, Eggman and family(?) and multi-tails Tails (cool jacket) shown here are part of the multiverse premise.

  6. I don’t want to see how Shadow or Knuckles will look like. I hope this is only about a few episodes and not the whole series, as this is too much for my taste :/

  7. Sonic Prime looks good. However, i wish Sonic would have met the Classic and Sonic Boom counterparts in different dimensions IMO.

  8. Looks ok. The gloves and shoes are a little too overdesigned in my opinion, but the rest looks pretty nice. I hope the show is good.

  9. This is concept art, so I’m sure not everything is 100% final, but goodness I hope that Tails design isn’t part of the main cast. The only issue I have with him is all those tails he has – waaayyyy too many and looks too visually busy. Sonic himself looks fine. I can dig the shoes and gloves.
    I really hope the Eggmen aren’t annoying as I can already see myself grating my teeth at a wailing baby and moody pre-teen robotnik, but perhaps this is just for one episode? Hard to say.
    Very mixed on what we’re seeing so far, but I suppose it’s too early to have solid impressions.

    1. I’m dumb, Tails’ several tails supposedly is based on the kitsune. I still don’t dig it, but it’s there for a reason.

  10. When I said I wanted Sonic wearing the Soap shoes normally again aka without mods I did not mean redesign them completely

  11. I always thought Sonic should have different shoe and gloves design sometimes, so this is right up my alley. The plot looks interesting and I just hope the writing is not going to be like Boom, where no one takes anything seriously. I really like this so far.

  12. It would of been cool if they actually brought back the dead characters they tossed out.. seeing Tiara there brought back instead of a caveman Amy would of made this look a lot more exciting but I don’t expect SEGA to ever acknowledge the other characters they have.. so if I have to guess Prime is about Alternate Universes but only with the main Sonic cast so pretty much this will be like Black Knight and Secret Rings, so everyone hoping for the Freedom Fighters to make a comeback or characters like Mighty, Ray, Fang or Honey, you’ll all be disappointed, at most they might throw in Tangle and Whisper to promote the new IDW comics, they really are pushing everyone to pick up the IDW books

  13. I see a lot of people have mixed opinions on the slight design but, if you look at the Amy shot you see that they are entirely different and, judging from the color change they must have some camouflage option as well as a few other bells and whistles but, I guess we’ll have to see what those are and I want to see how they transition in 3d animation cause, they may look good in concept art they look awful in the actual show.

  14. Fingers crossed for Roger and Mike to be in Sonic Prime as Sonic and Eggman.

    Also, if they throw in Canadian VAs, I’m hoping for Andrea Libman as Amy Rose.

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