Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 73

This episode: Cyberpunk, Netflix Sonic, and IDW’s Chao Races

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With so much on the docket, this is the first long-awaited episode to finally hit the MP3 format. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing one episode a week until the series is fully caught up with Episode 77, which… we haven’t actually recorded yet, but will by time everything else is out!

This episode was originally recorded December 2020, when Cyberpunk was fresh in everyone’s mind, Sephiroth just released to Smash Bros. fighters pass, and the new Netflix Sonic was announced. How young we were back then.

Other topics include Sonic references in Ready Player Two, development stuff from Sonic Adventure, and catching up with IDW into the Chao Races Arc.

(01:13) Intro,
Games We’re Playing:
(02:43) Stadia & Cyberpunk,
(21:20) Immortals Fenyx Rising,
(27:09) Sephiroth in Smash Ultimate,
(34:07) Christmas NiGHTS,
(36:14) DOOM Eternal,
(38:25) Oculus Quest 2,
Sonic News:
(49:22) Sonic Netflix Cartoon,
(01:04:36) Sonic 2 Movie Crew,
(01:06:19) Sonic Adventure concept art,
(01:08:47) Sonic Adventure music demo tracks,
(01:10:24) Critic’s Choice Super Awards,
(01:14:57) GX gets mad at Ready Player Two,
(01:19:13) Blaze the Cat promotional art,
(01:21:02) Total Sonic series sales,
(01:22:04) Sonic Forces Speed Battle seasonal event,
IDW Comic Discussion:
(01:24:43) Chao Races Arc,
(01:43:17) Closing

Peace, all, and until next episode!

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