Modders Bring Yoshi’s Island Back to Lost World on PC

Pried from the tight grip of Nintendo, modder ĐeäTh has brought the Wii U exclusive Yoshi’s Island DLC to the Steam version of Sonic Lost World.

Back in 2013, Sonic Lost World was the first in a notoriously ill-fated three-game Wii U exclusivity agreement between Sega and Nintendo, among Sochi 2014 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. However, because of the Wii U exclusivity, Lost World included two impressive additions: DLC stages based on Yoshi’s Island/Yoshi Story and The Legend of Zelda. These Nintendo-themed stages couldn’t make the transition when Lost World hit Steam two years later.

Yoshi’s Island Zone is an all-2D stage pitting Sonic against Shy Guys and Piranha Plants in a stage entirely reskinned to match the Yoshi series. In beautiful blasphemy, Sonic collects coins, discovers hidden flowers, and attempts to safely guide Yoshi eggs to the end of the stage. Though sadly, Sonic lacks the a decent throwing arm and a prehensile tongue.

It’s unclear if ĐeäTh, who previously brought Weapons Bed to Sonic Forces, is also interested in restoring Sonic’s trek through Hyrule, but for now, enjoy the embroidered seas and hand stitched hills.

The mod is currently available via Gamebanana.

Source: NintendoLife and YouTube

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  1. It’s about time someone got around to doing this. Props to the modder. Please do keep us posted on whether the Zelda stage gets modded in as well.

  2. Of all the content of Sonic Lost World. the Yoshi’s Island stage was the best part of the game. It blended both the Sonic and Mario(Yoshi) styles of platforming together, and I kind of wished it was made into a game onto itself. Like one where Sonic and Tails takes a vacation on Yoshi’s Island, and they have to help save the Yoshis from Bowser.

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