Play Sonic 1 & 2 in Wiiiiiiiiidescreen With This New Android De-compiler!

Remember those Taxman remakes/ports of Sonic 1 and 2 on iOS and Android? Remember how they were really cool, but they never ported them to consoles or PC?

In answer to all our prayers (I might be projecting a bit), developers RubberDuckyCooly and RMGRich have just released a brand new de-compiler for both games! Per the video’s instructions, you’ll grab some files from the APKs (not included), run them through the de-compiler program, and you’ll be able to play those games via PC!

The interface is bare bones, but quite playable, and the de-compiled version includes the additional features of the Android versions! Both games let you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or the Sonic/Tails duo. You can Time Attack any level, including the Sonic 1 Special Stages, a version of Sonic 2’s originally axed Hidden Palace Zone, and two different Sonic 2 Boss Rushes. It’s got the spindash, it’s got super forms, it’s got elemental shields, it’s got Sonic 1 special stages that rotate so smoothly, it’s discomforting!

You can further manipulate the settings (for comedic and/or practical effect) by modifying the de-compiler’s settings.ini file, allowing for very strange screen dimensions, enabling full-screen, or rebinding keyboard controls. The developer suggests this version is also mod-capable akin to the other Taxman Retro Engine/Star Engine games like Sonic CD and Sonic Mania.

If you’re interested, go grab the de-compiler from the developer’s Github page, and check the instructions on the Youtube post!

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  1. Works perfectly 😊 thanks for the tip. For those having trouble obtaining your Data.rsdk file:

    Install iTunes 12.6.4/12.6.5 for Windows. (Remove the latest version of iTunes and rename your C:\Users\\Music\iTunes folder to temporarily to iTunes.bak otherwise iTunes won’t launch)

    Sign into your iCloud account in iTunes 12.6.4.

    Add the list entry for Apps by clicking edit menu where Music is listed in iTunes

    Under the apps section you’ll be taken to an empty library page. Click the store tab. There is no way to search for old apps. Instead, go to the Games category. Then find Sonic Dash via the Top Free category. In the store page you should be able to click SEGA up at the top, listing all SEGA iOS apps. Find Sonic 1 or Sonic 2. Click download.

    Locate the .ipa file in your computer, this will be saved to C:\Users\\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\

    Right click and use 7zip to extract the “Sonic 1 3.70.ipa” (install here via

    A DataSonic1.rsdk file will be in the extracted folder:
    C:\Users\\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\Sonic 1 3.7.0\Payload\Sonic 1\

    Rename the DataSonic1.rsdk file to Data.rsdk

    Copy to the same folder as the extracted github assets from this post. Full screen/vsync and various settings can be enabled by editing the settings.ini file located in the programs directory.

    Delete the iTunes media folder (NOT THE iTunes.bak FOLDER YOU REMAMED EARLIER). Rename iTunes.bak to iTunes to restore your computers original iTunes library. You can now uninstall or update iTunes to latest version.

  2. It’s funny, I have the steam version of Sonic 2, which requires downloading a bunch of crap “gameroom” files you don’t need and it’s just the original 4:3 version with minimal configurable settings.

    I also have the android 2013 ver. on my phone and tablet, my phone being small, having no way to connect to a TV made me not want to play it, ever. The tablet does have TV-out but the framerate goes to garbage for some reason.

    Maybe now I can finally enjoy widescreen Sonic 2 on a big screen with a real controller. And also feel I supported SEGA by being a goof and buying the same 1992 game twice.

    Actually, let’s be honest here, I’ve bought this game at least a few more times.

    1. Yeah. The Steam version is tied into their standardized emulator and launcher with the hope or expectation that you’ll buy a bunch of other Genesis games. On the plus side, Steam Workshop support for mods. And by “mods,” I mean “this game has been replaced with a completely different game that is absolutely not licensed for this emulator.”

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