Ian Flynn Confirms Sonic Netflix Not Based on IDW

Nearly a month after its (now deleted) announcement, we still don’t know much about the Sonic Netflix series. Technically, it hasn’t even been officially announced! Nevertheless, we now at least know one thing it won’t be: an adaptation of the IDW Sonic comic series.

In his first BumbleKast Q&A of the year, Flynn was addressing a question about Netflix, and jokingly mentioned that the new series won’t be based on IDW. Not especially surprising, as Sonic’s animated media has always ignored his paneled adventures, but it’s always nice to have a new detail! That said, this does not necessarily rule out elements of the book, such as original characters, from being used in the series.

You can check out out the BumbleKast Q&A here. The question is addressed at 33:40.

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  1. I’m hoping for Sonic the Hedgehog EX with current designs of Sonic characters, current voice actors and that’s it.

  2. Is it wrong that I want this new Sonic series to bring back Mike Pollock as Eggman, but also hire some Canadian VAs to voice the respective characters? Maybe Andrea Libman as Amy Rose, Madeline Peters as Tails, Claire Corlett as Cream the Rabbit, Michael Dobson as Knuckles, Vincent Tong as Shadow the Hedgehog, and Nicole Oliver as Blaze the Cat.

    1. No, it’s not wrong. Everyone has a right for their own opinion and a right to express it (as long as it is put out respectably towards the others and their opinion). But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t Mike Pollock still Eggman’s VA?

      1. And Mike Pollock is part of that cast. He’s been doing Eggman’s Voice since Sonic X but didn’t start doing the games till Shadow The Hedgehog.

  3. That’s not true. Sonic SatAM was at least partially based on the comics version. Or vice versa? I can’t remember exactly.

    1. it was Vice Versa. The Archie Comics start as a mix of both cartoon series but started to continue the SatAM series after issue 50 since the SatAM series ended around that time.

  4. I just want a Sonic X like experience, preferably like the Japanese version although doesn’t have to be an Anime and stick to the story of the games with characters we know and love. Any new characters like Chris Thorndyke are not allowed. New characters like Sticks, Tangle, Whisper, etc are what we want. Let there be tension and character development.

    But alas I’m just a bratty Sonic fan so don’t listen to me.

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