Super Smash Bros Ultimate 9.0.0 Update Buffs Sonic Stats – Send Mario Straight to Minecraft

Being a Sonic fan in a Nintendo world is tough. Especially in Nintendo Switch brawler Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where playing as the blue blur has always felt a little… held back. Well, today brings a new update to the fighting party game – introducing new character Steve from Minecraft as well as improving Sonic’s combat statistics!

Thanks to patch notes found on Nintendo’s official website, we now understand that Sonic will have reduced vulnerability, increased power and higher agility when performing certain moves. Full list of notes below.

Sonic is going to need all that power to ‘send Mario to Minecraft’ – a meme that was born on the day Steve was announced as a new fighter for the game. In the trailer, which you can see below, Sonic lands Mario with a punch so powerful he goes flying straight into the Minecraft world.

With this new update, Sonic really is playing with power. Be sure to download the update to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today and let us know how different Sonic feels to play!

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  1. Yet they still cant give sonic a shockwave on his dair… but hey something is better than nothing!

  2. I still can’t believe that after all this time it’s still just Sonic in Smash after three games straight, Ryu’s only been on two and they added Ken like this huge deal.

    Sonic’s the one with the Mario crossover series after all, you’d think that would give him an advantage.

    And I don’t mean just add another Sonic character, they could add in like alt costumes for Classic Sonic, Metal Sonic, etc. Though I’m still dreaming of a Sonic Battle Shadow moveset!

        1. I mean, I got a new recording of Psycho Soldier both in English and Japanese along with the Terry pack. I got everything I ever could have asked for and then some.

    1. The sad thing is, sonic is a very lame character, through his moveset, which sucks, I wish they can use cooler looking attacks from his games, like sonic battle, and I would also like if they made his animations more expressive, and for god sake, make him say “You’re too slow!” instead of “Sonic speed” it just makes this taunt garbage, because of how good it used to be, (cuz in brawl he USED to say “Ur too slow!” and his animations were more expressive, with a grin, and his eyes are incredibly expressive) and I wish they made new remixes for him because ever since sm4sh, there were no new remixes, which sucks, cuz this franchise has GOD TIER music, there is no franchise with consistent god-like music.

  3. “Sonic is going to need all that power to ‘send Mario to Minecraft’ – a meme that was born on the day Steve was announced as a new fighter for the game.”

    I honestly didn’t even know that became a meme until right now, lol.

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