New Sonic Movie Concept Art Gives Us a New Look at Longclaw and Cut Lizard Villain

Unused concept art can often give us interesting glimpses into what could have been. New concept art for the Sonic movie by artist Bayard Wu shows a variety of alternate takes for Sonic’s surrogate mom, Longclaw, as well as alternative designs for the film’s cut lizard villain. According to Wu, the lizard’s name was “Rava.” We reported on Rava earlier this year, when concept art done by other artists was released.

Check out Wu’s art, which he released on his Artstation page, below:

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  1. Oh it has a name, I was hoping the fans to dub it Cut the Lizard Villain.

    These characters look very Star Fox-like, don’t dig it, I like the Sonic designs ’cause they don’t look remotely like animals.

  2. I’m glad he was replaced by Tyson Hesse. This just looks so generic. Any movie could have these characters in it and look just fine. I’m guessing he also did the original Sonic design, too? Well, these are good non Sonic designs.
    Also, any one remember the owl guardian of time from SatAM, and the owl messenger from Sonic the movie who aided the President and seemed kind of important? Was there an ancient owl civilization on Sonic’s World at some point?

    1. Definitely a good hypothesis!

      You are correct about the keeper of the time stones from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Voiced my Tim Curry.

      I always thought Old Man owl from the Sonic anime movie was funny.

  3. It really bothers me that they cut out the main premise of Sonic from the original games: how Sonic runs so fast because he’s trying to free all his animals friends who’ve been captured to be enslaved inside of robots. And now the concept of the art features an owl with hawk wings instead of owls wings? Where is the love for animals this franchise should be honoring?!

  4. I’m sure if Rava’s design was “Sonicified” as well as Longclaw, they would have been fan favorites and not just generic animals.

  5. Call me crazy, but I thought this lizard character looks kinda cool. If it was given a more Sonic-y looking appearance, then I think it look a lot more awesome.

    I do have one question. Has anyone asked the artist what gender Rava is suppose to be?

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