Blaze the Cat Fires Up November With New Sonic Channel Wallpaper

SEGA has updated its website with new character wallpapers for the month of November. The Sonic mascot for next month will be none other than Blaze the Cat!

The brand new Yuji Uekawa artwork sees Blaze assuming a really cool action position, possibly ready to torch any incoming threats that she sees. Given that November is a pretty cold month, and traditionally full of bonfires in the UK, her pyro skills would be most useful!

Check out the desktop and mobile wallpapers above and below – you can also download them directly from the official Sonic Channel website by heading here. A calendar version of this artwork can also be grabbed from Sonic Channel’s calendar page.

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  1. Not gonna lie, after Sonic Blaze is my favorite character from the franchise, I really hope she will be playable again and important to the plot the way she was in the Sonic Rush games and Sonic & The Black Knight.

  2. Forgot to mention this but they probably picked Blaze for November since her birthday is on Nov 15, also this year marks her 15th Anniversary!

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