Tokyo Joypolis Celebrates Sonic Colours’ 10th Anniversary With Crossover Halloween Event

This Autumn, the Colours will feel so right spooky and creepy at SEGA’s Tokyo Joypolis amusement park. With Wii classic ‘Sonic Colours’ originally releasing on 11 November 2010 (in PAL territories), Joypolis is throwing a special event to both celebrate both the game’s 10-year anniversary and Halloween.

The “Colourful Halloween Party” event will run at SEGA’s indoor Tokyo Bay-based theme park from 18 September until 1 November, and will feature a limited edition ‘sticker rally’ as well as the chance to grab yourself a festively-themed Sonic plush toy. The above artwork was designed to celebrate the occasion – don’t those Wisps look super cute!?

Attendees can get themselves a discount on the Joypolis entry fee if they arrive in Halloween fancy dress, and couples over 18 can pre-order discounted tickets from participating convenience stores. Once inside, you can win special Sonic Colours-inspired stickers by purchasing food or via some of the amusements.

First, the food. If you hit the Frame Cafe on the third floor, you can get yourself a ‘Sonic Colourful Mont Blanc’ for ¥950. It comes with a dusted silhouette of Sonic, and you’ll get a sticker that features key art from the Sonic Colours game. Or you can go to the Dipping Dots store on the first floor and get a ¥500 ‘Sonic Colourful Panic Rainbow’ dessert, a different Sonic Colours sticker, and possibly an intense sugar rush.

After all that you’ll want to work off those calories – there’s a good incentive to giving the resident ‘Sonic Athletics’ arcade arena a go. By ranking first in a series of three rounds, you can win another sticker. This one features the brand new Sonic Colours Halloween artwork along with the ‘Colourful Halloween’ logo.

If you’ll do absolutely anything for something with Sonic’s face on it, you can also check out the third floor ‘Laura and Carla’s Beauty Interview’ amusement. If you manage to earn a certain amount of money during the show you can get yourself a printed photo of yourself looking cute alongside Sonic and friends. There are two different designs to print.

Finally, what good is a SEGA amusement park without some UFO Catchers? During this event period, special Halloween Sonic plush toys can be won from the grab machines. And if you stick around long enough, you might even be able to meet Halloween Sonic himself!

The above artwork can be found at various spots in Joypolis, and you can use these areas to take a photo! Either with Sonic, with pals, or even a selfie!

Are you going to be in Tokyo during this time (we can’t, because at the moment Brits aren’t allowed entry into Japan)? Share your experience with us and let us know what you think of the celebrations in the comments area below.

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