Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 70: But He’s Got a New Hat!

In this episode of Sonic Talk, intense gaming hardware, the ongoing theatrical run of the Sonic movie, and finally catching up on comics.

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Sonic Talk returns for yet another episode on this, the first day of SAGE! We don’t actually talk about SAGE, we recorded this a week ago. But you could listen to it anyway. It would make me happy at the very least.

This month, Jason maintains his free-ish-to-play youth cred with The Fall Guys, and the convoluted path to get She-Hulk in Fortnite. Alex lords his 5-year-old streaming handheld and his 5 GHz wifi signal over us, and mocks the pure whimsy that is Lego Mario. In the news, we discuss Webber’s move to Japan, the insanity that is movie theaters being open right now, and how Alex can purchase a small plush Chaotix.

To wrap up, we finally catch up on comic talk. By which I mean I cram 10 issues into the hour before the show started.

Peace, all, and until next month!

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