Huge “First Wave” of Sonic 30th Anniversary Merchandise Announced, Coming in December

Although the 2020 hasn’t been… great… so far, SEGA is intent on making the most of the rest of the year, with the announcement that a large number of new Sonic branded merchandise is heading to stores from December to celebrate the blue blur’s 30th anniversary. It’s going to be a Sonical Christmas!

According to a press release that SEGA sent The Sonic Stadium, the below products only cover the “first wave” of the company’s planned ’30th Anniversary Collection’. Starting in Holidays 2020 and running all throughout 2021, it looks like there’s going to be many good reasons to be a Sonic fan over the next year.

All of the 30th Anniversary products will be branded with the above new logo, which looks really cool! We especially like how the ‘0’ has taken the form of Sonic’s running feet there.

A list of the products for “Wave 1” can be found below. We already know of the Encyclopedia book, and some of the POP Figures have already been announced, but the King Ice jewelry and FiGPiN enamel pins we haven’t heard about before. No images have been shared, but as soon as we get further details of them we will report back!

  • SONIC ENCYCLO-SPEED-IA — Dark Horse Comics LLC is celebrating SEGA with a full-color, hardcover historical retrospective encyclopedia that explores nearly every video game and provides deep insights into the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

  • POP! VINYL FIGURES — Funko LLC and SEGA have partnered up to bring fans a new collection of Pop! Vinyl Figures, with iconic characters including Classic Sonic, Tails, Silver, and more!

  • CONTINUED TOYS AND COLLECTIBLES— Jakks Pacific, Inc. is continuing to deliver speed, heroism and irreverent Sonic fun to fans of all ages with a collection of action figures and plush toys.

  • JEWELRY COLLECTION — King Ice has created an official jewelry collection, brought together with 3D design and hand-set stones and quality craftsmanship, bringing Sonic to life in jewelry form with a Hip-Hop influence.

  • APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES — Graph Gaming is launching an all new collection in the Spring of 2021, featuring exclusive apparel and accessories dedicated to everyone’s favorite blue blur.

  • CLASSIC SONIC COMIC BOOK MINISERIES — For Sonic’s 30th IDW Publishing will be releasing their first Classic Sonic adventure in a spectacular special! In addition, they will launch a new mini-series and continue publishing the wildly successful ongoing series in both the English and Spanish language.

  • COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PINS — FiGPiN Inc. has joined forces with SEGA to bring fans a unique collectibles experience with their Sonic the Hedgehog line of FiGPiNs, featuring all your favorite characters beginning this Winter.

  • SONIC ENERGY DRINKS — G FUEL: The Official Energy Drink of ESPORTS has recently partnered with Sonic The Hedgehog to bring the character’s iconic Peach Rings to life by way of an energizing, high-performance, sugar-free peach-infused Energy Drink. G FUEL and SONIC’S “PEACH RINGS” flavor is set to re-launch in an exclusive 30th anniversary collector’s box in 2021.

Quote time! “Over the past 30 years spanning multiple generations, Sonic fans have created memories with their speedy Blue Blur,” said Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Brand Officer, Sonic the Hedgehog & SVP Sega of America. “In order to commemorate the most iconic elements of the Sonic universe, we have partnered with some of the top licensees in the industry to produce collectible Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise that our enthusiastic and loyal fans can cherish for years to come.”

Stay tuned to TSS for the latest on Sonic’s 30th Anniversary celebrations!

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  1. So now the chars that were locked behind classic stories get to be there, but this will get popular
    It’ll become a series
    And mighty and ray and the hooligans will stay there and only there.
    I hate this

  2. I fear that all of this stuff is going to be mediocre (like always) Just hope the marketing team have got their sh!t together! there is more to marketing than just stickin branding on stuff. Fingers crossed im wrong.

  3. I’m getting myself the G FUEL Sonic’s 30th Collector’s Box, a Sonic shirt with the 30th anniversary logo, and hopefully both of Sonic’s 30th anniversary Funko Pops.

  4. I will never understand how IDW gets the rights to republish these old Archie series like TMNT Adventures and Sonic. I guess the rights remain with the IP holders, cause I can’t imagine Archie being wholly open to this.

  5. IDW’s “Classic Sonic” mini-series better include Mighty and Ray, and if possible Fang, Bark and Bean.

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