[UPDATED] Toywiz Lists Wave 3 of Jakks Sonic Figures, Includes “Gold Chao” and Mighty!

The third wave of Jakks Pacific figures have appeared in listings on action figure shop Toywiz – including what appears to be an interesting Chao variant!

UPDATE: The website has additionally listed a 7″ Cheese plush, in addition to a Mighty action figure with a 1-up box. All are due for release in November 2020 – thanks again to TreasureHuntingSonic once more for the additional information!


The listings include 2.5″ figures of classic Sonic and Motobug, in addition to an entry for a “Gold Chao” figure.

Those who have played Sonic Adventure will remember the Gold Chao as that which could be hatched from the golden Egg found in the shop in station square by performing an Indiana Jones-esque switch with the item for an egg-shapped rock. The chao has also made additional appearances in Sonic titles since, including Sonic Runners.

Is this a miss-print, or is this rare Chao variant finally getting it’s own merchandise? Stay tuned to TSS as more information appears!

Thanks to TreasureHuntingSonic for the spot!

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  1. I really do like what I’m seeing from Jakks! They’re not afraid to produce rare/under appreciated characters and I’d love to see what else they’ve got in store!

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