My Hat’s On Fire! Treasure Hunter Knuckles Arrives as new Sonic Dash Collectible Character

Knock knock it’s Knuckles (again)! But this time SEGA HARDlight has revealed a new version of the porcupine on the block with the buff chest – along with a buff hat. That’s right, Treasure Hunter Knuckles is coming to Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces Mobile, in a nod to the fan favourite Sonic the Movie OVA.

As with past special characters in the SEGA HARDlight mobile games, players have to earn the right to play as Treasure Hunter Knuckles by collecting tokens on the track in Sonic Dash. Grab 500 coins with the punchy echidna’s face, and you’ll be able to run as him forever.

The character is also coming to the Sonic Forces mobile game, and along with it no doubt a number of interesting traps and weapons to ruin the day of other players. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the hat to appear in Forces, but we don’t suppose it will be too long.

Interestingly, Treasure Hunter Knuckles did not come as a huge surprise; SEGA HARDlight teased the existence of the character on its Twitter page a few days ago after rumours started swirling about a potential leak of the announcement. It seems that another character will be joining Knuckles soon; a new skin for Rouge the Bat. You can see the teaser image below; we’ll update you guys when we hear more about the second character. For now though, enjoy running as Knuckles!

Via SEGA HARDlight Twitter

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  1. I’ve just unlocked him : you’ll need 185 600 rings to get him at his “full power”!!…
    I really hope Knuckles will have another dopelg√§nger, a tribal one… and I’d really like Hardlight to add Sinbad and Sir Gawain in forthcoming updates!!…

  2. Great fanservice, especially if that’s Rouge’s Heroes outfit, never thought it would be used again.

    Why can’t the games do cool stuff like this? TSR would’ve been a lot more engaging if they’d dump in a new character every now and then.

  3. Hm, if they’re willing to put OVA Knuckles in Sonic Dash and Speed Battle, along with IDW’s Tangle and Whisper, then I wonder if any other non-game characters will get a chance to be added over time.

    1. My answer is yes. #Rally4Sally. About Knuckles’ hat, that is from both OVA and Sonic Universe issue 5. I know it’s from Ken Penders as well, but it’s OK.

  4. Looks like someone at SEGA HARDlight saw OVA Knuckles during the news on Sonic Project Hero earlier this month and wanted to make the return of the infamous hat ‘official’. ^^

    Nah but seriously though, this is good fanservice for the Sonic OVA fans. Also, like AlienX pointed out, Rouge is most likely wearing her Heroes outfit in that teaser image. I always liked that outfit so thats good.

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