Giant Japanese Sonic Statue Beautifully Restored By Owner’s Bereaved Family

Remember the (now solved) mystery of the Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog statue in the woods? Well, when we last saw it, the 2-metre tall piece was in a huge state of disrepair – but this week, the family of the man who owned it has given it a wonderful restoration that brings it back to its former glory.

According to Japanese news site Younet, the statue was owned by a chap called Ryoji Kodera who ran an amusement operations company in Osaka. Kodera had set it up as a landmark decorating the entrance to his villa many years ago, but sadly passed away around three years ago. This led the statue to become damaged after getting exposed to the elements.

If you remember, this is what the statue used to look like.

But, after news of the statue had spread throughout the fanbase – including many reports on the Sonic Stadium – Kodera’s family had realised that there was a lot of interest in the huge snowboarding Sonic effigy, so decided to repair the damage and give it a new lick of paint. The process took three days, and you can see the result below (via Twitter)

Photo by ゆうけん on Twitter

Photo by さがら on Twitter

As you can see, it looks absolutely stunning now! We’re so glad that someone was able to restore the statue to its former glory – not only can a wonderful piece of Sonic history be maintained, but no doubt the piece meant a lot to Kodera-san so it’s an incredibly kind gesture for his family to go through the trouble of mending it. Just goes to show that there’s still a lot of love for Sonic all over the world, 29 years later!

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