Shirt Alert! Cute n’ Speedy available at Shirt.Woot

Today in Shirt Alert, Woot! asks you to raise a paper cup to a cute n’ speedy design.

If, like me, you have a torso, there’s a good chance you want to cover it with fancy fabric and pop culture designs. But why merely settle for stuff you can get consistently at stores? Where’s the risk and excitement in that?! The internet is full of transient designs that only survive for a day or week at a time, and I’m scouring¬† it for you to find the rare Sonic themed shirts among mountains of Doctor Who crossovers and Abbey Road parodies.

Today’s comes from the internet’s least illegitimate daily shirt site, Shirt.Woot.¬† Cute n’ Speedy comes from artist perdita00, slapping an adorable, big-eyed hedgeboy atop a distinctly 90’s squiggle reminiscent of the iconic Solo cup Jazz design.

Woot! offers the design as a tee (long and short sleeve), tank top, sweatshirt, or hoodie (with and without zipper) ranging from $15 to $32.

The design shall only live until July 20th or until sold out, so if you need hedgehogs and/or plastic cups on your torso, head on over now!

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