First Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Merchandise Hinted

There are first signs of preparation for the Sonic 30th anniversary celebrations next year – with more Sonic the Hedgehog Funko POP! figurines in the pipeline!

Following close on the heels of the announcement of the SDCC exclusive Super Tails and Super Silver double-pack, Instagram account Funko News have shown a list of incoming pop figures, which include a Running Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver figure, both tagged as “Sonic 30th”.

Hopefully these are the first of many special items to be released for the milestone anniversary in 2021.

Source: Funko News (Instagram)


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  1. I don’t like the style of Funko figures but I’ve just started collecting the figures made by GNF Toyz and distributed by First4Figures : I think they’re the figures every SONIC fan has dreamt of for years, if not decades!!… And the “Modern” line of the collection will begin soon (starting with Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Super Sonic)!!…

    1. Sorry, but Sally belongs to Archie Comics, and I don’t think we need the drama of Sally trying to claim Sonic and change him for her personal benefit! Where were you when the brains were handed out?

      1. If Sally is owned by Archie, then why hasn’t she appeared since the book was cancelled?

        I’ll tell you. It’s because she’s owned by Sega.

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