Microsoft’s Offering The Sonic Movie And Sonic Mania For Just $13 Until June 15th

Microsoft has got an interesting offer for Sonic fans out there, especially if you’re still planning to check out the new Sonic movie. Until June 15th, you can get the Sonic Movie for just $12.99 as part of the Gamer Flicks Sale. Doing so will also net you a free downloadable copy of Sonic Mania.

For Sonic Mania, you’d be getting the Xbox One digital version. It won’t include the Plus content, so you will have to purchase the DLC for that separately. An Xbox account is required to get your download code, which you should receive through the Xbox Live Messaging Center within 2 weeks after your purchase.

As for the Sonic movie, it is 48% off from its normal $25 price. Watching the movie requires Microsoft Movies & TV, available for Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even the Xbox Video app you can get for Windows 8/RT PCs and tablets and Windows Phone 8. Mania’s a $19.99 value, so you’ll save over $30 by taking part in this sale. There are other movies that can net you the Mania code as well, so if you’ve already got the Sonic movie, maybe there’s something else you’re interested in.

This offer is only available via Microsoft Online Store in the United States, including Puerto Rico, so you’re out of luck if you’re in Europe or Asia. The good news is that the Sonic Mania code will not expire, despite the offer being only one per customer, so you’ll have no rush to redeem it. But remember, you’ve only got a week to take advantage of the sale.

Via Microsoft

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