Sonic x Puyo Puyo Japanese Merch Collaboration Begins June 3rd

As well as the awesome limited edition t-shirt to celebrate its 15th anniversary, the official Sonic Channel from SEGA Japan has also announced a new collaboration with bookshop Village Vanguard to release a number of cool new merch items for SEGA’s 60th anniversary. Orders for all of the below will go live on June 3rd.

First, the t-shirts, which will cost you ¥3500 JPY ($32 USD), and feature three designs involving classic Mega Drive character sprites reworked with colourful Puyos. You can choose from a Sonic, Sonic and Eggman, or Sonic/Tails/Knuckles shirt.

And if you don’t fancy the Puyo-looking Sonic shirts, Village Vanguard are also offering a selection of standard (but equally cool) shirt designs, ranging from classic Mega Drive box artwork to 1990s key art from both the US and Japan teams.

You can also get yourself a fancy tote bag with the Puyo-Sonic design printed on it. These will set you back ¥2900 JPY, or $26 USD, each. But, on the other hand you can own something that’s both cool-looking and practical!

If your budget doesn’t stretch very far, then you might consider some charms and badges instead. These cost ¥380 JPY ($3 USD) for a badge and ¥780 JPY ($7 USD) per charm, with sets costing ¥2660 JPY ($24 USD) for badges and ¥5460 JPY ($50 USD) for charms. They focus on classic sprites from Sonic 1-3&K.

And for the organised among us, a clear file (for some reason, Japanese shops LOVE selling clear plastic files…) with the Sonic design is on sale for ¥380 JPY ($3 USD).

Shoppers who spend over ¥1000 JPY will get a free SEGA sticker, too (seen below). If you live in Japan, or have the means to import Japanese goods (via, for example, a mail-forwarding service), then you should check out the Village Vanguard website when orders become available. And try not to go bankrupt.

Via Sonic Channel

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