SEGA Shop UK Teasing New Light-Powered Sonic Product

Numskull’s official SEGA Shop has teased a brand new product, in news that could very well ‘light’ up our weekends! A sneaky image of the new piece of merchandise was shared on social media today, but even though no other details were shared, it doesn’t look like the company is being very subtle about what it is.

As you can see, a light switch is in the shot, coupled with a familiar red-and-white pattern to the side. Sonic fans with… no memories at all actually… will instantly recognise this shape as the edge of the emblem seen in the title screen of the original Sega Mega Drive ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ game.

The tease…

And the game…

So, what could it be? Our best guess is a lamp in the shape of the classic Sonic 1 title screen emblem – but if it’s not a lamp we’d be keen to see what it really is (it definitely should involve the emblem in some way). Especially if it needs a switch. We’re really curious about that switch now.

No doubt SEGA Shop will reveal all when the time is right… we’ll let you know as soon as any updates happen.

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