Zoom Like Sonic With These Official Video Conferencing Backgrounds

To all of you who are working from home during this coronavirus pandemic global lockdown – SEGA Japan wants you to know that it understands you. One of the big cultural shifts of the last few months, as countries experience house-bound isolations, is the rise in adoption of video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Many of these allow you to call using custom backgrounds. You can see where this is going.

Not one to hoard excellent video streaming backgrounds all to itself (just check out the cool landscapes that were used in this week’s Sonic Station Live episode), SEGA Japan has unleashed a trio of high-quality Sonic-themed images that you can throw into your next Zoom call when you’re feeling particularly feisty. Download them below!

The first background is this awesome Studiopolis artwork from Sonic Mania. We’re pretty sure this looks like brand new key art as well of the Triple Threat gang. We’d probably use this for every Sonic Stadium staff call in the future – every day is a Funky Friday!

For homebound office workers who are up against a deadline and need a burst of energy to move teams and project forward, this background from Team Sonic Racing might just do the trick. It’s a render of the Wisp Circuit racetrack, and humming Jun Senoue’s incredible TSR soundtrack while talking to your colleagues with this background in play may just help you get your work over the finish line.

And if your work-from-home situation is just getting too tense and you feel like your world is falling apart from stress, you can of course use this background of the Lost Hex from Sonic Lost World. See? A background for every emotion!

I mean, put it this way. Your work day could be worse.

These aren’t the only backgrounds on offer – SEGA’s official Sonic Channel page also has a number of other landscapes from the Team Sonic Overdrive and Chao in Space animations, as well as general Sonic 2020 key art. We’ve included them below for you too.

Are you keen to use these? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below. And, thanks a lot for helping us Stay Sonic during this lockdown, SEGA!

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