Woodwork Artist Creates a Sonic Mania Mega Drive Cartridge And Now We Really Want One

What do you do in the middle of a virus-related lockdown? Exercise (indoors)? Comfort eat? Play games? Or get creative? We’re thinking that one talented woodwork artist has been doing a lot of the latter, as he showed the world a custom Sonic Mania-themed Mega Drive cartridge made entirely out of tree!

The artist, a chap in the US who calls himself Pigminted, creates video game-related pieces out of wood – from an Animal Crossing-themed vinyl disc to mimics of Gamecube game boxes and Pok√©mon trading cards. This Sonic Mania cartridge was “made a while ago while I was prototyping SEGA Genesis cartridges,” according to Pigminted. Take a look at the video below.

It’s a thing of real beauty! And we totally want one.

Pigminted’s Etsy store doesn’t feature a lot of Mega Drive/Genesis themed works, and the Sonic Mania cartridge isn’t mentioned on the page which suggests that this could be a custom request or just a personal project. But, you can order a wooden replica of a range of game console cartridges, with an option to stick in a Raspberry Pi computer inside of it so it can function as more than a lovely piece of artwork.

Great job with this, Pigminted! We’re just going to scramble some pennies to get one of our own now…

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