Sonic Dash hits 400 MILLION Downloads, More Content to Come

Sonic Dash, SEGA’s best selling mobile game, and one of the more popular mobile games available, reaches 400,000,000 downloads!

The aptly titled endless running game has dashed its way to one of the best selling phone games on the market. Sonic Dash is SEGA’s most prolific mobile title and has been occupying the home screens of millions of mobile devices since 2012.

Starting out as a simple game inspired by the likes of Temple Run, Sonic Dash would eventually evolve into quite a beast of fan-service, featuring a variety of classic characters, additional Zones, timed special events (such as the Sonic Movie event) and even entire spin-off games based off of Sonic Boom and the recently record breaking Sonic Forces! (The mobile game… not the console one… you know what we mean)

But it’s not over yet. SEGA Hardlight, the masterminds behind most of SEGA’s mobile efforts, have confirmed that Sonic Dash support will continue onward with some limited-time runners to play as.

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