RUMOR: Could There Be A Sonic Movie Trilogy In The Works?

Hold onto your golden rings, folks. The first film isn’t even out yet, and we’re already getting some spicy rumors about a… trilogy? And a Robotnik spin-off movie?!

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UPDATE: We have been made aware of the shakiness of We Got This Covered’s reliability, so as you read this, please understand that this is indeed a rumor as we have indicated, and should be understood as such. 

After an embarrassing first reveal showing a rather uncomfortable design of the blue blur, it wasn’t just fans who cried foul: the general public, gamers, kids, adults, everyone had something less than cordial to direct towards Paramount Pictures. So, in a rare move in the industry, the Sonic film was delayed and retooled to become more accurate to Sonic’s original design, and this may have saved not only the film, but their rumored plans to turn this video game movie into a trilogy… at least according to online news publication “We Got This Covered.

We definitely want to stress that this is indeed a rumor. While “We Got This Covered” seems to trust their sources, we still don’t know definitively. That said, the idea of the Sonic movie being successful enough at the box office to justify sequels and a spin-off starring Dr Robotnik is a little too outrageous and amazing to ignore.

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The question then becomes… what stories would they tell? Would these sequels take place on Sonic’s home planet, or back on Earth? Are we finally going to see Tails, Knuckles or Shadow on the big screen? Would the Robotnik Movie (I’m never going to get over this idea) be another origin story, or something totally different? We literally have nothing to go on, but presuming this rumor has weight, we could have a ton to look forward to this decade.

What do you think? Would you like to see more movies based off of this interpretation of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr Robotnik? Do you think it’ll be successful enough to justify a sequel at all? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

via We Got This Covered

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  1. We Got This Covered is a trash source. They’ve never had an original scoop that was right. The only stuff they get right is stories they get from other sites. Never, ever trust them.

  2. After all the work that went into this redesign, I sure as hell hope so!

    And as for the trilogy, I see it like this:

    Movie 1: Sonic & Eggman
    Movie 2: Tails, Metal Sonic, and Super Sonic
    Movie 3: Knuckles, Amy (maybe), and the Death Egg

    So long as the writing doesn’t go into Smurfs/Alvin & The Chipmunks territory, with cliched themes such as modern romance, marital conflict, parenthood, spending time with your family, etc., we’re golden.

    Just keep it Sonic, and no generic family movie tropes.

  3. The film under Sony was originally planned to be a trilogy, so rather than a rumor this should be treated as a question of how that plan has evolved.

  4. I need to see the first movie play out first but…..I would be quite delighted to see movies based on Mobius with Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Metal and Sonic’s Super form! A spin-off on Eggman with Jim Carrey seems too good to be true!

  5. How bout a Sonic/Nicktoons crossover movie after Paramount cancels live action Rugrats. (And I’m assuming that ViacomCBS should drop “CBS” from its name and call themselves “Viacom”, because back in 2000, when Viacom merged with CBS, they were just called “Viacom”.)

  6. I think it would be better as a first film in a quadrilogy. That’s even better than a trilogy, because it’s four instead of three!

  7. I have a theory: sonic, he will return to his world thanks to the ring and eggman, he will follow him secretly. after a few years, as can be seen from the photo where he is without hair, he will continue his studies on that small sting, which he holds in the test tube, and will give rise to Metal Sonic 🙂

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