Report: Sonic Adventure 2020 Music Event Suggests New Port/Remake Incoming

SEGA Japan is apparently preparing to stage a Sonic Adventure-themed event, due to take place late in 2020. If true, this adds fuel to the fire that a port or remake of the Dreamcast launch title is in the works.

Based on a report by The Super Sonic Zone [TSSZ] (from a tip-off that we, The Sonic Stadium [TSS], also received), the event will feature a musical performance of Sonic Adventure’s theme song, ‘Open Your Heart’, to be sung by Eizo Sakamoto. Fans with long memories will recall that Sakamoto also performed the ‘original’ version of Open Your Heart waaaay back at Sonic Adventure’s initial unveiling in 1998.

The Sonic Stadium received a couple of recordings taken from a rehearsal session involving Sakamoto practicing the lyrics against live guitars, drums and a vocal backing track. A third recording was exclusively shared with TSS to help corroborate the story, which features a live rehearsal of a stage theme from Sonic Adventure using new performance techniques. We have decided not to share these recordings, but TSSZ has shared two of these audio files and has had them verified by a third party, suggesting that they are legitimate.

Another interesting piece of the puzzle was that the planned event will allegedly be associated with some new Sonic Adventure themed artwork. The description of the artwork was of Sonic’s key art pose from Sonic Adventure DX, only using a more modern CG design against a cityscape background.

When pressed for more information about the planned event – whether it was a small-scale concert similar to that of Sonic Adventure Music Experience or something larger – our tipster revealed that many external musicians around the world are collaborating with SEGA’s sound team on the project (both Johnny Gioeli and Tee Lopes were name dropped, although the latter has yet to contribute), which suggests that this could be part of a remastering or remix of the Sonic Adventure soundtrack.

Our tipster said that this level of effort would not normally be reserved for a celebratory concert or tour… and said that this means it’s likely to coincide with a game project. Perhaps not a remake, they tell us, but perhaps a port, of Sonic Adventure. With recent moves by SEGA to bring back former Sonic Team artists and Takashi Iizuka himself stating he would like to remake Sonic Adventure, his conclusion seems to match up.

Of course, take everything with a massive pinch of salt. It could be totally bogus, and be aware that we are a little suspicious of the nature of this leak ourselves. But, we decided to share a possible rumour with you guys, based on the findings of our pals at TSSZ, and provide the landscape/context in what SEGA’s official statements and movements have been recently. We welcome you guys to draw your own conclusions from the above.

If we hear anything official or concrete about a potential Sonic Adventure revival, we’ll let you know.

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  1. Don’t really need a remake of Sonic Adventure.
    Just download the Steam version, install the BetterSADX mod and thats it.

  2. I’m thinking the Current voice actors since Team Sonic Racing including Roger Craig Smith and Mike Pollock would be in the Sonic Adventure remake.

    1. No keep the original voice cast, as the primary and for the second english dub use sonic x cast, finally the third voice cast will be sonic boom cast.

  3. A Sonic Adventure remake with modern graphics, 16:9 widescreen, a remastered/remade sountrack, the inclusion of cut-content and chao garden would be all kinds of awesome!

  4. Please keep Ken Pontac and Warren Graff away from this project. They’ve ruined the writing and characters in these games.

    1. Well, SA1’s already been written, right? All SEGA needs to do is tweak the script a little…

      …yeah, I don’t trust Pontac and Graff with that either.

  5. A port would be terrible however the remake better play like Advebture 2 just obviously better. I dont want nothing but boost and 2D games

  6. I would hate to see Adventure’s legacy ruined with the current writing team and voice cast (except mike of course.), they simply cannot recapture what makes the original so much fun.

  7. You mean now that the franchise has hit rock bottom they are going
    back to what they should have been doing with the franchise all
    along in terms of tone and game play?

    Gee… Who would have expected that happening? It took ripping
    the franchise apart to the bone to actually go back to where they
    never should have left.

    Now that the franchise is nothing but meme potential with no
    actual buyers they’re going to kiss the backsides of these
    consumers in the hope they’ll save the franchise.

    And after all these years of ignoring them and both the company
    and consumers mocking them?

    Yeah… Sure… Going back to Sonic Adventure will work.

  8. As much as I would like to see a SA1 (and SA2 for that matter) remake, I don’t have any hope that it would not be ‘ruined’ somehow by the Sonic Team of today. I would love to be proven wrong but again, no hope.

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