Sonic X is (mostly) on Netflix!

Good news – Sonic X has finally made it’s way to Netflix in the west!

However, there’s a caveat – it only includes the first two seasons, meaning the Metarex saga is not included. Although this is the case, the series can be watched in several other languages other than just English, including Spanish, German, Italian, and more. The version of the show does not unfortunately include the uncut, Japanese versions that are available elsewhere.

For those who want ot watch the show, here is what is currently available:

NETFLIX: Only the first two seasons, but in other European languages.

AMAZON PRIME: All three seasons. English only.

HULU: All three seasons. Both English and the uncut, Japanese version with English subtitles.

YOUTUBE: All three seasons. English only on the TMS Entertainment Official Channel.

If you like Sonic X, there’s now even more ways to watch it!

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  1. According to unogs, the uncut version is available in South Korea, Japan, and France.
    What’s interesting is that it lists French as an audio language, that means both versions can use the French dub.

    I’m just really happy to see multi language support even if it’s the 4Kids version, CC too, it’s funny how it says [Sonic X] when referring to Sonic, as if that were his full name.

    There is one thing I don’t get, the ‘coming soon’ thing said December 9, so why is it available now? Maybe by December 9 they’ll have the rest of the episodes. It wouldn’t be the first time Netflix silently adds episodes. It also took a while for all Yugioh episodes to have the Spanish tracks, and the CCs to get unique positions. Right now Sonic X is missing episode descriptions too.

  2. “The version of the show does not unfortunately include the uncut, Japanese versions that are available elsewhere.”

    Hard pass. No way I’m putting myself through 4Kids’ BS again.

    1. Same, I was gonna watch the series, but since there is no Japanese uncut version, with its good music and all, I will not be watching it. But I still don’t see how they not adding the Japanese version when that’s the real and original version! Netflix done pissed me off!

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