Leak: Sonic Movie Standee Promo, Along With Hashtag #CatchSonic

Stop the press! Or, start the press? Press start! We found yet another leaked image of the alleged new redesign of Sonic from the titular “Sonic Movie,” and it’s rather detailed, and wants you to #CatchSonic on social media!


Twitter user “Sneedy” posted the original image of what seems to be a photograph of a Sonic Movie advertisement stand for AMC theaters, hence the AMC letters plastered over top of the image. (Sorry, Sonic is not actually changing his name to Sam). The “Timing” indicates when the stand is meant to be posted in theaters, and the “Dimensions” indicate it’s size. The #CatchSonic hashtag appears beneath the logo, and it’s apparent that there’ll be some sort of social media promotion to partake in once these are in theaters.

TailsChannel later tweeted a larger image, showing us more of the standee:

While the original tweet did not leave us a trail of any kind, TailsChannel was able to confirm along with TSSZ that the images originate from a document meant for movie theaters, likely a planogram or catalog of some kind.

Take this with a grain of salt, if you’d like, but with the previous redesign leaks we reported on taken into account, this seems to be the real deal.

What do you think? Please leave us a comment on whether or not you think this is legitimate, or if you like the design. Stay tuned to TSS for more updates on the Sonic Movie as they emerge!

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  1. Seeing it closer like this now, this is indeed a better improvment over the previous design (aside from the blue colored arms but well, no biggie. I find it minor to be honest).

  2. Now THIS is the real deal (as far as live-action incarnations go)!

    So much better than the May 30th design.

    1. I noticed that too but I think its alright. It would arguably look a little weird in live-action.

    2. Your not, I like what they did though by using the lighter fur from his muzzle to blend it in so it looks closer on model from a distance. Might be a design tweek Sega should consider going forward (so long as they can make it work), considering how they design newer characters.

  3. The more I see on the original design the more I think this has all been a massive publicity stunt.
    The new design is awesome and any fan would be happy with it. The first design must have gone through dozens of design meetings, had to be signed off by Sega etc. If anyone was shown that design they would say that creepy and looks nothing like sonic.

    It is a very costly exercise, but I know most of the community will now go and see the film to show their support for the redesign that perhaps wouldn’t have originally. I know I’m going opening night with my family. Just hope the film is good enough to make a series of films to include Tails & Knuckles at the minimum.

  4. Design looks better then that “thing” we had before, but it’s a shame the film will still be bad, you can tell from the trailer that it’s not going to be that great plot wise.

    Plus Ben and Jim are just playing themselves instead of playing Sonic and Eggman which is a shame. cause Ben is clearly just using his normal voice and sounds / acts the same in every other cartoon he’s done before. while Jim Carrey is just being classic Jim Carrey.

    Why couldn’t they get a voice actor for the role? you know someone who actually embodies the character and voice? even more effective they could have got one of Sonic’s past voice actors or even roger Craig smith?

    But hey that’s Hollywood for ya.

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