Can You Feel This New Sonic R Remix By Tee and Mariana Lopes?

Take heart, those who have gloomy skies overcast: this official re-imagining by Tee and Mariana Lopes is sure to brighten up your day!

Adding to the list of “official” remixes promoted by SEGA, we have the perennial “Can You Feel The Sunshine,” used in Resort Island, Sonic R’s first course. Tee and Mariana sing a lovely, upbeat duet with Jun Senoue providing some instrumentation. It’s a nice follow-up to the laid-back Station Square remix we heard before.

This the latest entry in a musical project by Tee Lopes and SEGA, where fans are treated to remixes from across all of Sonic’s history, not just one particular era. There are at least three more remixes to be expected after this, so we’ll be looking forward to hearing them as soon as they come out!

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  1. This should be in the Sonic movie!

    Seriously, it could play mid-way through the ending credits.

  2. Still, although Jacques could have handled the situation a little bit better, I can uderstand where he is coming from. Lopes and the rest of his team should have credited him.

    1. You’re absolutely right but It wasn’t Tee Lopes who published it without crediting Richard Jacques, it was Sega and so Richard should’ve handled that with Sega instead of trashing Tee’s working all over social media and on his personal tweeter just because he was butthurt with Sega. It’s between Richard and SEGA…Tee, Jun and Mariana shouldn’t be involved in that embarrassing misfortune!

      Btw, this remix is AMAZING! People need to understand that this is another take on the song and it shouldn’t sound like the original there would be no creativity in that…If the tempo was to be faster and TJ Davis was to sing on it again, then it would just sound like the original…😒

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