Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue’s Station Square Remix is Here, and it’s GREAT

Yesterday, we reported that a new official remix from Tee Lopes was on the way soon, and we speculated that it would be Sonic Mania themed… and we were wrong! Sonic fans old and new will get to listen to a fantastic arrangement of “Welcome to Station Square” from the beloved Sonic Adventure, and even Jun Senoue gets in on the action!

With a more “European” touch that sounds like it belongs in Sonic Unleashed’s Spagonia, this is an interesting take that is sure to please the ears of anyone listening. I know I’ll be listening to this at least fifty times on the way home from work! Watch me.

We have at least four more remixes on the way, though a time frame wasn’t given. What are you hoping to see… er, hear? Let us know in the comics, and stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium to see when new remixes drop!

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  1. If we’re sticking with Adventure themes, then a Tee Lopes/Jun Senoue remix of Run Through The Speed Highway would be a dream come true, especially if it includes a Going Down segment in there! You’ve teased my fantasies Lopes, please deliver!!

    1. Sega confirmed on their live stream that this is the only Sonic Adventure track coming in this batch.

    2. I love that the bigger media are stating that this could be a hint towards a Sonic Adventure remake, haha.

      There’s already a main line Sonic in the works right?

  2. If they remake Adventure they have got to get as many original voice actors back. esspically Ryan drummond as Sonic, he’s one of the reasons the adventure games we’re great.

    1. No they don’t, Crash bandicoot didn’t use the original ps1 voices for the PS4 remake it was a good game

    2. Sonic Adventure with Roger voicing Sonic would be incredibly jarring.

      But I doubt SEGA would give less of a chaos emerald if you know what I mean.

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