Sonic Forces ‘Grim Gala’ Begins, Reaper Metal Sonic Up For Grabs

What’s hedgehog-shaped, utterly heartless and absolutely terrifying? Metal Sonic dressed up like the Grim Reaper, of course. And boy, does he look more menacing than ever. This version of Sonic’s robotic doppelg√§nger is now available to unlock in SEGA Hardlight’s Sonic Forces mobile app, as part of the game’s ‘Grim Gala’ festivities.

Revealed on both SEGA Hardlight and the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter channels, Reaper Metal Sonic is the latest in a long line of limited edition playable characters that requires a special set of cards to unlock. You need 300 character cards to get him, and as usual these are won by completing various daily missions.

However, a new feature has been added, just in time for this special event, which can help speed up your card collecting. Tails’ Vault is an in-app purchase where you can claim copies of special character cards. At time of writing, a key costs ¬£9.99, which is a little steep but the shop page suggests that once you buy a key you can reuse it, so that might take the edge off.

This image shared by the Sonic Twitter channel gives a few clues as to what we can expect from Reaper Metal Sonic’s gameplay…

We can definitely recognise the Ice Boost item there. The other two are: Harvest Time (the scythe), which is a short-range attack that deals a lot of damage across three lanes; and Dead End which throws tombstones in front of opponents (and assumedly freezes them for a period of time). Speed and Strength are both 9/10, while his Acceleration is a 5/10. So it looks like the main strategy with this guy is going to have to be all-out offence.

The Grim Gala ends in 7 days and 15 hours at this time of writing – so basically you have until the end of Halloween on October 31 to rack up enough cards to race with perhaps the most gruesome looking character in the Sonic Forces roster.

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  1. I feel like I am getting cheated when I get my Reaper Metal cards. Which makes me think the Tails Vault, which is $10.00, is the fault of it. Who else is struggling to get above 10 cards?

    1. im upto 260 cards just doing the daily mission and getting the community rewards, its not that difficult.

  2. i assume the count down on the vault means it’ll automaticly open sometime in November so thats a nice upgrade waiting to happen. im not paying for the key.

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