Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Merchandise Prototypes Emerge

The first images of figures based on the now-defunct Sonic the Hedgehog movie model have emerged online.

An image generally shared on Twitter shows three Sonic figure designs based on the original design of Sonic, in three postures that have appeared on movie posters.

There are currently no details on these figures, besides the fact that these were planned for sale in cinemas, although these might have been more likely to be promotional items [Update: these are drink toppers!].

More information on these figures and other Sonic the Hedgehog movie news as it comes!

Source: Tails Channel

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  1. oh man this merch cements how poor that original design really was. I can’t imagine this stuff selling well with the youth of today.

  2. How not to do promotional toys. Though I have to admit, a Jim Carrey figure would be something.

  3. It’s probably not the toy designers as to why these are so scary lookin’. It’s probably just the movie character design itself. If these toys were of classic or modern Sonic, I wouldn’t mind owning them.

  4. They look decent, but they may not be the final designs. Check the shoes – they are just red, and he is missing his socks. I think they served as “beta” for the posture and some effects. His mouth doesn’t seem visible too. I really think they weren’t finalized when the re-design was announced, that’s why they look unpolished.

    I personally would like to get one, as I have never seen/heard about anything like this <3

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