sonic dash featuring metal sonic!

Sonic Dash celebrates Sonic’s Birthday with Metal Sonic and more!

SEGA’s most downloaded mobile game just won’t quit! Sonic Dash has been the most frequently updated Sonic game on mobile devices, and that’s not changing anytime soon, as SEGA HARDlight announced on Twitter that they’re planning on celebrating Sonic’s Birthday, and a certain popular villain will be making an appearance!

Yes, it’s none other than Sonic’s cold-as-steel-hearted rival, Metal Sonic! Big the Cat and Classic Sonic are also featured in their tweeted image, so it’s clear that they’ll also be involved somehow. SEGA HARDlight is quite excited to share that there’ll be some new events coming up, so if you haven’t had a lot of excuses to boot up that app, that’s going to change soon.

No specific dates or times were given, but we’ll keep you in the loop-de-loop as soon as that information surfaces, just keep your eyes here! Are you still playing the original Sonic Dash? Let us know in the comments if this new content excites you!

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  1. I really love this game and the lattest additions are wonderful (new Zones and music, Animal Friends to collect, new characters and so on…)!!…
    I hope it will keep on growing… but what I really miss is a “Story Mode”, at least like in SONIC DASH S (or SONIC JUMP 2012, with an end)!!…

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