SEGA Releases Team Sonic Racing Launch Trailer As Positive Reviews Hit the Web

Team Sonic Racing is available in just a few days time, and the hype is starting to become too much to bear. What might help pass the time, though, is a slew of initial positive reviews of the game coupled with a special launch trailer provided by SEGA Europe.

First, why not take a peek at the new trailer? It’s only a minute long, but should give you some idea of the fun that you’ll be having come Tuesday.

As for the reviews, it sounds like everything is coming up roses for Sumo Digital as it prepares for a hat trick of critically acclaimed SEGA-branded kart racers.

IGN has given the game an impressive score of 8.5, noting that the “new team system is a fantastic evolution of the arcade racing formula that gives you a real reason to work together, and there‚Äôs a litany of customization options to keep you coming back to these excellent tracks to earn more.” The emphasis on teamplay and strategy is also cited as a great feature.

Eurogamer has also weighed in, with a ‘Recommended’ grade. “Team Sonic Racing is a game of surprising depths, though for all it throws at the player it can end up incoherent,” the review states, adding that Sumo have balanced the possible lack of design elegance with a focus on “energy and inventiveness.”

The Sonic Stadium has been playing around with a copy for a couple of days now for review, and we’ll be giving you our own grading of the game early next week (we just want to make sure we’ve completed a lot of the game’s modes and mechanics first). Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Please let us know in your review what the single player experience is like. I’ll be playing it that way 90% of the time so it’d be helpful to know if it’s worth the full price for solo play or if I should wait for a sale.

  2. IGN have given the game a generally favourable review, but they still couldn’t resist having an unjustified dig at every character that isn’t one of the Big Four.

    Reviews are meant to be objective analyses, not vehicles for bias and hatred.

    1. Well, on the contrary, Kotaku’s review is a love letter to Blaze the Cat! Dude’s got it for Blaze…!

      I find these sort of reviews hilarious. I read “professionnal” reviews for the laughs. I take people/fans/gamers’ opinions into consideration before buying/trying.

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