Ex-Sonic Team Sonic Adventure Artist Hiroshi Nishiyama Rejoins SEGA

The Official Sonic Twitch channel had a surprise guest appearance last week, as Sonic Community Manager Aaron Webber introduced Ex-Sonic Team artist Hiroshi Nishiyama to the stream, announcing his return to SEGA.

Nishiyama-san was the Field Art Director on titles such as Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes, and the Lead Field Artist on Sonic Adventure.

While Nishiyama’s appearance on the stream was brief, Webber confirmed that he will be involved in future Sonic projects as part of Sonic Pillar. Nishiyama also gave viewers a brief look at some unseen original artwork from sketch pads of concept work used during Sonic Adventure 2’s development.

We’d like to welcome Nishiyama-san back to SEGA, and we look forward to seeing more amazing artwork from him and the rest of the art team!

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  1. …and cue thousands of fans getting over-excited for a Sonic Adventure remake and/or Sonic Adventure 3 despite the fact that hiring a previous Sonic Adventure artist means absolutely nothing aside from the fact that Sega rehired him.

  2. Maybe ‘modern’ games will start using promo/cover artwork again! I mean…hiring an artist isn’t indicative of that (I’m sure Sonic Team had an art department already of some kind) but it would be cool. I miss the character the artwork would bring from the SA1/2 days, compared to stock renders every game since.

  3. This is the best Sonic news since the recasting from the 4Kids dub.
    I’ve missed this artstyle so much, it’s what made Modern Sonic so hype to me.

  4. GOOD. all they need is to call back ALL the people who made sonic adventure, before the dreamcast failed.

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