Sonic Artist Milton Knight Attacked in Hate Crime

Cartoonist and Sonic artist Milton Knight has been the victim of a vicious and senseless hate crime that has left him hospitalised.

Knight informed friends and followers in a post on his Facebook Page on February 25. He details that he was waiting for a bus when a man approached him and started shouting racial slurs over and over. Knight confronted the man and was assaulted, receiving “cuts, a broken nose and more”.

Milton Knight is a cartoonist with a 1930’s style, largely known in the Sonic community for working on the “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” cartoon and giving Dr. Robotnik his fat, goofy look in the series. As far as we’re concerned, the man’s an absolute legend and we as a community feel extremely horrified that he has been treated this way.

There have been reports of Knight coming into financial hardship in recent times too, which makes the news of this attack even sadder. If you’d like to help out Milton Knight, he has a GoFundMe page and a Patreon that you can pledge to.

Thanks for the tip, John!

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  1. Uncool. Sad reminder that the world hasn’t changed as much as we hoped it would have, two decades into the 21st century.

    Glad he’s still with us.

  2. That’s terrible, *Snip* Hope he recovers soon.

    Staff Edit: Ok look, this really isn’t the place for that kind of comment. — H.

    1. Wow can you not right now. That design was a big thing with a lot of us and I quite love what Milton brought to the table.

      To hear he was targeted for being black is a sad reality we’re in. I hope for all the best for him in his recovery.

      1. *Snip – Nope, we’re not doing that here. Sorry ~Dread*

        He obviously didn’t deserve this and I hope for his best. I only gave my opinion on his work because the article called him “an absolute legend” for it. If the article writer is allowed to give his opinion on his work, I would think commenters are allowed too. Or is it that only opinions that agree with the article writer allowed?

        *Admin Note: Difference of opinion is more than allowed here, but context and empathy is everything. On a topic/story like this you come across as uncaring and unkind. If you don’t like the guy’s work that’s fine, but complain about it somewhere else or on another (related!) news story, not on a post about a race attack. You can’t play the “you can only agree with the site owners” card here, I’m afraid. This is the final word on the matter, any divergence from the story at hand here will be deleted. ~Dread*

    2. Get well soon Dude it’s a shame this is the world we live in
      I have a lot of respect for Artists here’s to a Fast Recovery

  3. Aw God! I hate hearing this! :'( Thoughts are with you, Milton. Get well soon!
    Sonic sez say NO to racism.

  4. I wish i had a billion dollars so i could give this man many millions of dollars. He’s been an absolute answer to many sonic fan’s prayers for what he has done for our pal’s return to form (not right- arrival at the form we always WANTED!), and while that is a huge service he’s done us, it can only be one of the gems in a treasure chest this guy must be a living embodiment of.

    Not to blow smoke, just trying to say that i wanted him to recover for more reasons than just his bringing sonic to life in a way that always seemed was missing in his cartoon incarnations. Thank you for that, Milton; i hope you recover from this and dont have a single ache or pain to remind you of it once healed. Youve given so many of us true joy this past year and a half… You deserve to heal up and get a slice of the joypie too, and then some.

    Good vibes and thoughts to you. May the afflictor get his.

  5. How awful. Sending good vibes his way. I hope the man responsible gets his punishment.

  6. Read about this on TSSZ. If there is one thing I want to do right now it is to give this wonderful man a big hug.

  7. This is incredibly tragic to hear. I hope the man responsible for this crime gets punished. Get well soon Milton, you’re in my prayers. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Sonic franchise, I love your version of Robotnik!

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