Sonic Mania Team Form New Game Studio

Christian Whitehead today announced via Twitter the formation of a brand new “boutique” game studio, Evening Star Studio.

Joining Whitehead as founding partners in the enterprise are many familiar faces from the Sonic Mania team, including Tom Fry who is taking on the role of Art Director, Technical and Audio Director Hunter Bridges, Brad Flick as Design Director, and Kieran Gates as General Artist. David Padilla, a veteran of nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, has taken on the role of CEO and Producer.

The work horse of Evening Star is the evolution of the Retro Engine, which has been named the Star Engine More details of the engine’s capabilities are to be revealed in the future.

Although the ould this new studio herald the beginnings of new classic style Sonic the Hedgehog games in the near future?

We at TSS wish the team at Evening Star Studio all the very best!

Link: Evening Star Studio Website

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  1. Well this kills any hope left for future competent 2D Sonic games. I can’t believe SEGA isn’t keeping the Mania team for future projects.

    1. Nonsense: there’s nothing stopping Sega contracting Evening Star to make another 2D Sonic game, just like they did with Dimps from Pocket Adventure to Generations 3DS, and like they did with Aspect for the Game Gear games.

  2. As long as they can still work on any future Sonic projects, that’d be good.
    Because I sure as hell don’t trust the same people that decided sonic forces was a good idea to be handling any 2D Sonic.

  3. I dunno what Felipe “LakeFeperd” Daneluz (of Sonic: After the Sequel fame) is doing these days but it would be so cool if he joined Evening Star, or at the very least could collaborate with the studio on some project.

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