Sonic-Themed Puyo Revealed for Puyo Puyo eSports

SEGA Japan is moving hard into competitive sports, using its popular puzzle franchise Puyo Puyo as a means to tap into the market. And as a little treat to hook in Sonic fans, the company has announced that the blue blur and his pals will feature in the newly-released Puyo Puyo eSports.

Players can change the shape of the traditional iconic coloured blobs in the game to the silhouettes of various Sonic the Hedgehog franchise characters. As you can see in the screenshots, you can pop the heads of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow using this new set of Puyo.

Popping these Puyo appear to generate batches of rings as well. Although we reckon this is purely a cosmetic effect because, well, you’re playing with Sonic characters here.

In addition to this news, SEGA announced a launch price of just 500 Yen (around $4.50 / £3.50) for Puyo Puyo eSports. This special price will be active until 30 November, so if you live in Japan and fancy a stab at the game you’d better pick it up soon. The game is out now in Japan on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Source: SEGA Japan [Twitter]

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  1. This isn’t something that’s new to the series, these exact same Puyos were used in puyo puyo tetris as an unlockable.

    It’s cool that they’re back for this game, but they definitely aren’t new.

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