Check Out This NBA Player’s Custom Sonic Sneakers

We don’t really follow sports, but we imagine part of the appeal is a big focus on fashion. Particularly when it comes to basketball, where a talking point appears to be the choice of fancy footwear the season’s athletes go to court with. And this year, it looks like one player has been influenced by SEGA’s famous blue hedgehog.

Thanks to a rule change relaxing the colour and type of sneakers NBA players can wear, avid basketball fans have been chatting wildly about how certain pros have chosen to express themselves. And for Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard, that expression comes in the form of a custom pair of Adidas Dame 4s inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Photo from, credit to Sam Forencich

The shoes, called ‘Chasing Rings’, feature Sonic’s iconic blue spikes across the bottom and include a set of gold rings around the laces. According to GQ, the signature Lillard sneakers not only channel the spirit of the world’s fastest woodland creature but also symbolise the ‘pursuit of a championship’. Whatever you say. We just think they look cool af.

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